– The FEMDOM side of Dominatrizz Anuskatzz –

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This homepage is for the ones who would move mountains if it would be possible to meet me in real life.
It is actually possible but it comes with a bittersweet surprise…
If you want to join my world you have to be willing to let go from the thoughts you have in mind and become a submissive of mine.
Submissive = pure devotion to me as your ALPHA female, your FEMDOM your DOMINATRIZZ ANUSKATZZ !
BDSM is the only sensation you can explore with me as your female leader. Why ? 
Because BDSM is my tool to give you so much more then you are actually able to have in mind right now.
I show you a intense way to yourself. I want to teach you how to let go. To become a better version of yourself. To feel yourself and to give you an experience you will nourish yourself with for the rest of your entire life. 

This is my personal present for YOU.
So treat it as something special  – because for me it is something very special –  read as attentive as possible everything what I write down in very careful choosen wordzZ for you in the following pages.

I am very picky with my submissives and I always will be because I wont let destroy my PASSION and ENERGY from anyone !
I have the claim to myself to give you the highest of quality possible for our time together. 

My currency is TIME – my heartbeat will give you energy you wouldnt believe that it is existing in you so treat my words respectfully. The words I write right now down for you are choosen with the same amount of respect for YOU.

So only get in touch with me if you are ready to explore something completly different from the BDSM world you might already know or want to get to know.

BDSM beginners and experts are welcome – as long as the basics are clear – what are the basics ? 
Find it out while diving through my full homepage – NOW ! 


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A little suprise for you:

With this clips we travel back until the time where more then four years ago my professional DominatrizZ journey started.
Enjoy this historical  FEMDOM clipzZ of mine – always nice to see them and a good reminder of what I achieved in the meanwhile until nowadays – this was the start of my journey – when do YOU will start yours ?